The Motivation: 5-10

I hope you had a great weekend and had a chance to celebrate all the amazing moms out there! Mine was pretty good. The Calgary Real Estate Board held its annual ROAR awards and it was time for me to pass on the Marketing Excellence torch to the 2016 recipient. I also got to meet Mr. Dee, who thinks he’s pretty funny…

Gerry Dee & Chris Mulders

Mulders & Dee with “The Kick”

Anyhow, as always I like to start the week off with a few words of inspiration and came across this…

If You Choose To Care About What Other People Think…

The Motivation

“When it comes to your life and your dreams and aspirations don’t ever worry about what other people think about you or what you’re doing!

You are on this journey by yourself and for yourself because no one will fund the lifestyle you want and no one can achieve your goals for you!

People who may not understand what you are doing or why you are doing it can think what the hell they want.

But since they aren’t writing you a cheque to pay for the lifestyle you want, their opinion and what they think of you is worthless.

Create whatever you want for yourself and become whatever you want to be and let’s see what they think when you make it!”

Now the quote above from @before5am may be geared a little towards the entrepreneur but it’s just as important for anyone else and any other area in your life. You just cant worry about what everyone else thinks. Maybe thats easier said than done for many of us, but it’s my understanding that it’s something you will eventually grow into, if you haven’t already.

Anne Mulders

Thats one of the things I’ve learned from and love most about my mom. She is fearless! When she sets her mind to something, it’s happening! Mom might get your opinion on it but if its something she wants to do, she doesn’t really care what you think about it (I mean this in a good way) She would never be rude or disrespectful if you disagree with her. She would quietly allow you to be entitled to your opinion and never think about it again.

So let everyone think whatever they want to think about you. Its really none of your business anyway. Put yourself out there this week, get a little uncomfortable and be fearless like my mom!


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