Failure Is Not Failure If You Learn From It

I hope you had a great weekend! As always I like to kick off the week with a few words of inspiration and today’s ties in with my water goal from last week…

Failure Is Not Failure If You Learn From It

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Last Monday I told you about my goal

Drink only water for one week and I actually did pretty well with it. I crushed a lot of water! For the most part it was pretty easy to do. There were times like when I went out for drinks with my friend Kim that were tough but I pulled through it and stuck with water. Oh and the bottle of fine tequila I received from some awesome clients tempted me all week but I held off. All in all I was pretty happy with how I did, but I still failed…

After last weeks email, I pretty quickly realized that I LOVE COFFEE. Like 4 or 5 a day love. So… I decided on one coffee a day in the morning would be ok. It’s pretty much just water anyways:) Then the weekend came… My girlfriend was super supportive about the water thing all week but we were feeling like a night out and went for drinks. We both agreed I had earned it. That was the second fail of the week but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So last week I failed… BUT, I learned a few things…

I love drinking pretty much only water! I noticed that my one coffee a day gave me a morning alertness that I had lost when drinking it all day. I saved a lot of money drinking water. (This was one thing I had not even thought about but the first thing I noticed) Overall I felt better and healthier and now I’ve developed a positive new habit of drinking mostly only water.

So, this week I encourage you to go try something you’ve been wanting to do. Go ahead and fail if you have to. Just make sure you learn something from it.

Have an amazing week!


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