Summer Fun in Airdrie – PHOTO FRIDAY

Today’s Photo Friday had me meeting some more great people in Airdrie.

When I entered Nose Creek Museum, Nicole Proseilo was going over a map of Airdrie with a new resident.  She was concise and friendly with the gentleman, telling him about Airdrie’s pathways, parks, churches, recreation and more.

At the museum, I had the pleasure of meeting Sacha Kimball and Lindsay Pine, along with their group of home schoolers. The two Airdrie mothers  have been home schooling their children and others’ for three years now.

Scott Tennison, Angie Tennison and their dog, Homer, were enjoying the start to Summer 2012 with a game of tennis at the Summerfield Tennis Court.   They really had me wanting to get a tennis raquet.

There are so many things to do and so many places to explore in Airdrie.  Get on out this summer and make it a great one.  Check out The Weekender  to find out about great family activities and adult activites in Airdrie all Summer.



About Chris Mulders

Born and raised in Airdrie, Chris is Airdrie 360's Chief Editor, a passionate community supporter and REALTOR with CIR REALTY.